Girls trip in Hawaii

Girls trip in Hawaii

Going to Hawaii with best friends is ‘so much FUN’ as it sounds.

but I have to say, it was way too much fun to come back.

I have spent almost a week with my friends in Hawaii. and here is some of what we did.


1. Taking a moment to watch the sun goes down

Our room was all glazed room and it allowed us to watch the beautiful sunset over yacht harbor from our room. The view was insane and we loved it so so so much.


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Golden hour.



2. Climbing Pillbox

It was actually a lot harder to climb it than we (or at least I) were thinking..which means it was definitely a great exercise as well! but if you go, Don’t go with sandals like I did (I actually forgot sneakers in car.) . Be sure to bring your sneakers if you are planning to go to Pillbox. I’m not kidding!






3. Walking around the Waikiki street

There is always something entertaining, eye-catching, beautiful everywhere and shopping in Waikiki is very typical when go to Hawaii but there is nothing like it that you can shop in fancy stores and pop up on the beach to get some tan within 5minutes.




4. Of course, Beach and Ocean

This time, we went to Waikiki beach, Alamoana beach and Lanikai beach. Swimming with turtles was just MAGICAL. Waikiki ocean is beautiful enough to see the bottom of the ocean and we got to hang out with dolphins too! We also did SUP yoga and it felt so good to stretch my body and my mind on the ocean.






5. Driving an open car

Wind blowing my hair, Singing along the songs, Watching beautiful sunset from car…


(Noel, you won the best flipping-hair in an open car photo champ btw)


Watching the sunset in an open car with friends and good music made me think,

“I mean, what more can I ask? (maybe Starbucks?)”



6. Watching fireworks on Friday night

On every Friday, they have fireworks at the Hilton hotel and we could see it from our room. It was for around 20 minutes, and so exciting and beautiful. We were in the middle of cooking our dinner in our condominium when it started and it was so dramatic when we had to throw everything we were doing (boiling pasta, chopping vegetables) away and ran to the lanai (balcony) so that we did not miss any sparkle..The fireworks literally suddenly started like “…………….Bumbumbum!! “without any announce. Next time I definitely have to set the alarm.




7. Girls night out (happened to be, dress code : all back)

Having long girls talk over a delicious lobster, steak and Malibu (so good). and some bathroom selfies. We explored some local bars and made friends as well.




8. Brunch at cute cafes/restaurants

Royal Hawaiian is the prettiest hotel in Waikiki (in my opinion) and we had our brunch at one of the restaurants. This place is so pretty and majestic that I was calling this place “Pink Palace”.






So, these are some things we enjoyed in Hawaii.

On this trip, what I felt strongly is that it is not all about where you go, but also about who you go with. I am that kind of person who travel to Europe by myself but I seriously believe that this trip would not have been the same without my friends. My funny ,kind, and honest friends were the biggest reason why this trip was amazing. We are different, but same in some ways.


MAHALO for my greatest friends.



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Thank you so much for reading.


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