2018 and me.

2018 and me.

Hello to you and Hello to 2018!

It’s been seven days since the new year has started and I have been so excited for it.

For me, New year break is about spending time with family, eat a lot (I actually ate way too much lol) ,  and yes, making resolutions and chances to challenge, get it right, make new good habit and quit bad habit.

I finally added ‘start a blog’ on my resolution and that is why I am writing this my very first blog post!

I am going to write about whatever I want to write. My thoughts,  journey, favorite things, just anything.
Honestly I am not sure how long/often I can keep up with blogging, but we will see. (Starting a blog was this year’s resolution and Continuing writing could possibly be next year’s resolution. haha)

So, Let’s start this journey!

First thing first, I want to talk about who I am.

My name is Haruna Suzuki, I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
I used to be extremely shy when I was a kid. I used to hide behind my mother and cry whenever whoever I meet.

But as growing up, I started becoming more and more social, joined some communities like many students do in schools/out of schools , had my very first experience of going to oversea county (which was Poland) and I finally studied abroad at University in United States. (Huge progress. People can change!)

Since the study abroad, I have gotten so obsessed with exploring the world.
I went to Paris by myself, I took my mother to Italy (Capri Island was breathtaking…), Family trip to HongKong.. Hawaii trip with my friends that I went last year was so much fun and filled with laughter.

I really love traveling. It’s my favorite thing to do.
Oh, I also love eating too. (I am FOODIE! haha)
I am left handed. (My parents told me that they had tried to fix it but I got really mad at them lol)
and I have five siblings! I am the 4th 🙂

I think this is it for this post! I hope this blog will be a place for me to express myself, be creative, and inspire people.

See you on the next post..